B Grade Season Review - by Robbie Taylor, B Grade Coach

2015 was a tough but rewarding season for the Killer B's. This year saw 3 coaches over the season look after the boys.

Results on the field were hard to come by early on in the season, but the boys stuck it out and the back half of season saw plenty of good results come our way. And once again find ourselves a place in the finals.

We finished the Minor Premiership season in 3rd place with 8 wins, 6 losses and 1 draw against South Darwin. Unfortunately a narrow loss to Casuarina in the first week of the finals saw the Killer B's season come to an end.

Big thank you to Greg (Jarvo) Jarvis who started the year of as the B Grade coach before, unfortunately, being posted to Tennant Creek with the NT Police. Also a big thank you to Anthony Smith who took over from Jarvo before work commitments saw him struggle to find time to get down to rugby. And so I stepped in to help finish the season off.

This year was a very positive year for the Killer B's. You just have to look at how many of our past and present juniors played senior rugby with us this year. There were 32 players who have played junior rugby for Palmerston at some stage, 8 of those were from last year alone. This means that we have a group of players who should be around for a few years to come.

Another positive to take away from this season, is we didn't lose a game at home. Even when we had to shift one of our games to Fred's Pass, we still got the win. That's something to be proud of, and something we should always aim for.

There is a bright future ahead for the club, we just need to keep working at encouraging our juniors to come through the system and enjoy playing senior footy for the Palmerston Crocs.

As per usual, there is a big list of people to thank (I apologise if I miss anyone);

  • Abbie and Tammy for strapping us up and looking after us on the field week in and week out.
  • Sarah and Riva for looking after organising water, jerseys, team sheets, etc.
  • Jacob Blyton and Eddie Weaver who were always willing to help run water for the boys when they were there.
  • To all the A Grade players who got down to cheer the boys on from the kick off.
  • To all the B Grade boys who put their hand up this season (something like 70 players played B Grade this year).   And especially thanks to those who stuck around and helped bench for A Grade.
  • And a special thanks to Stan for helping to run B Grade and for running training all year. You are a brilliant addition to the club, and hope we see you back next year to improve on what you have helped to start.