Under 15 Season Review - by Tony Rudd, U15 Coach

I am very proud of what the under 15's have achieved this year. We started the season with only five young men and it was very uncertain if we would even have a team. We decided, as the competition started, to just show up and get some momentum. The early rounds were filled by the very courageous Under 13 boys playing up a division and we would borrow some of the Swamp dogs Under 15's so we could at least have a game and ultimately have a competition.

As the season progressed we found that we had a consistent group of core players and the Under 13 boys would help us get by. Then midway through the season we were able to get some of the South's players that couldn't form a team to play with us. We formed a team with these players to make it all the way to the final! As a coach there were definitely challenges as we didn't have everyone at training. I think nine was the most we had through the season. However we made the most of it and developed some great rugby skills that were implemented on game nights. 

I would like to make a special mention of a few of our key players that made great contributions on and off the field. 

Firstly, Wayne. What an amazing rugby talent in both speed and rugby skill. He inspired the team, scored an unbelievable amount of tries and was an absolute key in communicating with the South's boys to get them to join us. Our core group of Connor, Oscar, Wayne and later in the season Jack were our most consistent at training and at the games, well done. Connor was very versatile playing in multiple positions throughout the season. He tackled hard and was excellent with throwing in the lineout. Oscar was captain for most of the year and was our go forward up the middle man. Jack played a great season at break away and also improved throughout the season. Josh, Cameron and Daniel also made it to most games and trained with us when they could and all did really well in the back line. Jarryd cemented his spot at half back and gave the backs good ball. He travelled from Katherine to play on Friday nights. Sean also played really well and always was going forward. David unfortunately got injured midway through the season but was also part of the team. 

I would like to make a special mention of all of the Under 13's. Jacob and Ryan played almost every game and not only matched up with the older boys but won heaps of ball at the breakdown and were key players. Eddie also played up and would go in any position and was fearless all season. Sachin also played most weeks with us and was joined by Jack (Bubba) and Jordan who helped out in the forwards. Aiden also played above his size and was a core part of the team. Kenny made a couple of cameo performances including an awesome intercept try!  Thanks also to anyone else that played up that I didn't mention.

Thanks again to all of the Swampdogs players that helped with the start of the season to keep us going. Also thanks to all of the South players that became a part of our team and helped us to the final. A special mention to Anthony, Chance, Daniel and Bayden. They are all great rugby players and were very inspirational to the team.

I hope the team enjoyed the year and continues to keep the passion for rugby union as it is such a great team sport.