Under 9 Season Review - by Kate Eadie, U9 Manager

Throughout 2015, the U9 Crocs grew from a mix of new and experienced players to a cohesive team who worked well to get over the line, time and time again.  The wider field and rule changes were a challenge our younger stars overcame with gusto, supported by our returning players. Chasing down tackles, clearing out at the break-down and stealing the ball soon became a part of the well-oiled U9 counter-attack game plan.  Every single player improved thoroughly under the watchful eye of not only their coach, Gilly, but also from the valued tutelage offered by the numerous parents who helped out.  "Doing the prawn" was as regular a training activity as the numerous punishment runs players made to the goalpost, but everyone left each session smiling.  

The players' infectious enthusiasm was clearly evident in the amount of family and friends who diligently cheered throughout our troubled start and into our later victories.  The Crocs spirit is alive and well in the 2015 U9s, who always met their often larger opponents head-on, matching their tenacious rugby skills with rule-abiding grace.  The sportsmanship our team showed every Friday night is a testament to the parents' off-field support and the wonderful children who make up this year's U9 team.  

The community vibe that emerged amongst our U9 players and family is one of many highlights of the season and big thanks to go out to everyone who filled a water bottle, pegged a jumper on the clothesline, brought snacks for our elite athletes, and car-pooled players to games.  

Additional thanks go out to our coach, Shaun Gill, and his support staff of parents including Ashley Eadie, Jason Langdon, Antoni Murphy, Bart Tiro and Matty Cram.  It is hard to imagine where our wonderful team would be without you older - sorry, wiser - lads stepping onto the Palmy paddock each training session.  

Although I missed most of the games this year (I was on Field 1 with the U7s), it was an absolute thrill to hear the Palmy victory song sung loud and clear (sort of!) by our future stars.  Thanks to the mums who kept me company on the sidelines during training and let's hope 2016 is as full of wonderful memories as we've had this year.