Under 7 Red Season Review - by Kevin Humphreys, U7 Red Coach

DID we all have FUN; I hope so, because I DID!

I know that FUN was what I started out with at the start of the season all those weeks ago, along the way there has been many tears, mini tantrums, smiles, the odd loose tooth, boot lace tying lessons, a few thinking moments at the "Naughty Cone", many Wheee Wharrs, several heads banging together, around 180 Icy Poles and Snakes, over 120 great team tries, and countless smiles and cheers from proud parents and friends.

All of the above were great efforts of all the great kids in Team Red and what Rugby is all about, but better still is the not one mutter of disappointment, displeasure or agro from the parents - just encouragement, support and praise.  I must though apologise for at times forgetting names, even Samson's after his hair cut.

To all the players and parents on Team Red and our sister Team Blue for all you participation, efforts and tears, without you guys I would just be a "cranky old guy" waving his arms around in the middle of the paddock at no one.  Thank You!

A special thanks to Darlene, Flick and Kyla (am I really that hard to put up with) my management support for Team Red and Grant for looking after Team Blue. 

And a super special Thank You to Monique for doing an almighty job with Team Blue. 

See you all at the Palmerston Sevens in a few weeks.

We had Fun will you next year?