Under 5 Season Review - by Cody Akers, U5 Coach

It has been a great privilege for Larissa and I to be coaching, for both our second year. Every training we have been thoroughly impressed with how all the kids manage to turn up and have a great time. Even at times where we are pulling out our hair, it is always great to have fun with these kids. They all love playing games at training, then running out onto the field in "the croc jerseys". Every week it amazes us at how far they have come since the start of the season, where they wouldn't talk to us because we looked scary. Our team (which includes, Frankie, William, Jonty, Erin and Flynn) always have a blast playing. Thank you Under 5s for an amazing year!

Frankie still tackles everything with a ball even near it, this will be a great asset when he reaches A Grade where he is actually supposed to tackle. He may be small but he has no fear whatsoever. William is always bright and bubbly and loves tagging people. He is always proud to say that he plays for Palmy Crocs and we love having him around. Erin just loves the camera... getting the ball and kicking it and doing handstands. Her handstands are very intimidating to the other team. Jonty is super funny and loves making everyone laugh. He likes to create new names for people. Flynn left us half way through the season and moved away and it was big loss for us because he was a great friend to us all. Every time he had the ball he had a massive smile on his face, even when he was being tackled. 

Under 5s is a two handed tag game but we are certainly going to have some well-practiced little tacklers in our club.