ARU / NTRU Coaching and Referee Courses

Text provided by Damien Tyson, NTRU Development Officer 

DATES: Saturday 21st March till Tuesday 24th March

Saturday 21st March (REFEREE'S)

With 2 games playing that afternoon, 1 at Marrara and the other at University this is a great opportunity for our referee's to get some referee coaching from ARU referee Coaches, referee's controlling those games will be accessed and coached for those games.

Sunday 22ND March (COACHES/REFEREE'S)  Normally 8am till 4pm (Lunch Provided)

Foundation Course (COST $95) - This has a Smart Rugby element in the morning for 3 hours then after lunch referee's go one way and coaches go the other.  For coaches that wish to be coaching 13's and above we encourage all clubs have them go through this course.

The NTRU encourage all clubs to be able to supply 2 people (male or female), ex-players, supporters and members to attend the referee part of the course. Our competition will only benefit if there were more referee's in the area.

The coaching element is the first step to accrediting yourself as a ARU Level 1 coach. Great for ex-players that are still wanted to be around the game and for parents that want to get involved due to their kids playing. It's a must that all coaches and referee's involved are Smart Rugby accredited as this is an OHAS Course which shows you how to play our game in a safe and fun environment, if coaches aren't Smart Rugby accredited teams will not be insured.

Monday 23rd March (COACHES/REFEREES) 6.30pm till 9pm Rugby Park (BBQ Provided)

Advanced Coaching Course (FREE) - This Course is for all A Grade, B Grade, U17's and our Representative Coaches. 

The NTRU encourage all Senior and 17's coaches to attend. Modules of the Level 2 Coaching course are used here.

Referee Coaching (FREE) - This course is targeted at our current referee's. Game Management Guidelines (for all referees, combined with the coaches initially) and then do a presentation on Empathy and Escalation, this course has been very successful across the country last year.

Tuesday 24th March (COACHES/REFEREES) 4.30pm till 6.30pm Rugby Park (BBQ Provided)

Coaching Kids Rugby (FREE) - This course is targeted at all our junior coaches from 11's and down. The NTRU encourage all coaches in these age groups to attend. I understand that this may clash with your training sessions but for only 1 session you may need to move that Tuesday session to another day.  This course is designed for our coaches to come in and watch a training session and from here you are able to go back to your clubs with ideas for drills and skills around the skills of our game. This will require one club to make their 11's team available for this session as your team will be the soldiers for our coaches to use. We will need a max of 15 boys for this session. I understand this seems strange but this is a great course for our coaches that are coaching the younger age groups. I do encourage all coaches for these ages to attend.

Referee Coaching or Referee kids (FREE) - We are still discussing with the referee's. This bloke will either see our referee coaches get upskilled or we will run a Refereeing Kids courses which allows Parents interested in refereeing but only at a level 11's and down. This will be decided in the coming weeks pending on what is at higher demand.

This is set to be a very good few days for Coaches and Referee's with quality ARU staff coming to the Top End to run these courses. The NTRU are funding a lot of this as we believe these courses will help the development of the game for players, coaches and match officials across the board. 

Wednesday 18th March will be the cut off for all courses.