Under 13 Season Review - by Wayne Smith, U13 Coach
Well what a year it's been. Firstly I would like to thank all the players for their contribution throughout the year and also to all the parents for their commitment to getting the boys to training and matches. It has been an absolute pleasure training these boys. Looking back to the start of the season to where they finished it has been an outstanding trip. The comradeship between the players was awesome the way they trained together and supported each other as well as putting in the hard yards by training throughout the school holidays those boys who were able to. It was good to see some players taking themselves out of their comfort zones and trying out new positions which was good to see.

There were some new faces at the beginning and it was go to see that they finished the year. Looking back at the skill level of the boys at the beginning and then ending up in the grand final they really put a lot of effort into it. 
I always look forward to our yearly sleepover which is a blast, its good spending time with the boys outside of training to get to know them better, as they don't have to have their training hats on.
With our loss in the grand final I believe you boys can hold your heads up high. You boys never gave up right until the last minute. So don't be disappointed boys you made it to the grand finial which is an outstanding achievement.  I trust that you will all take that experience and build from it, remember what I told you after the game, moments like that build to your character and make you stronger, never give up.

I am so proud of what you guys have achieved this year and it has been a pleasure working with you boys and remember you are in charge of your destiny and I believe you boys will go far with anything you attempt. 

I look forward to working with you boys in the Gold program 

Till next year boys.