The Story of Radiant Dry Cleaners
By Bernie Bree 
The exact year would be difficult to remember but Radiant have been with us for nearly as long as we have been a club. I think it was Les Reif who knew the manager/owner in those days. He asked if we could do our jerseys with him - one set. The manager thought it was one set for one week, he didn't think it was about sponsorship.
At our 25th anniversary I remember the manager telling me the story of how the jerseys just kept turning up and he didn't really know what to say to Les. One set went to two then three and then we started sending in the juniors for a while as well. At some stage someone told him he was our major sponsor which surprised him.

Eventually we settled into an arrangement that worked very well for our club and Radiant certainly have been a major sponsor when you consider the work they have done for us over what is probably 30 years or more.

They have always been (in my time) so easy to deal with. Once or twice when I may have had a beer or two too many and forgotten to drop them off so I washed them at home. You don't want to do that too often! Leaving them in the back of the car until a Monday drop off is also not recommended.