From the Archives - Beer Can Regatta - 1980
Text and images supplied by Sonya Bree. 
I've forgotten why the Palmie beer can entry was sponsored by the Japanese brewery, Suntory.  However, this sponsorship involved huge quantities of cartons donated to the club.  Of course, these had to be emptied and there were many willing helpers.  However, it was a chemical beer and the hangovers were ferocious. (Some desperadoes-who-shall-remain-nameless "stole" some cartons - then returned them the next night after discovering this sad fact.)

There were many working bees, whereby Palmie Club members - male'n'female, young'n'old - came together to seal over the beer can openings and then tape together long lines of empty beer cans.  This was done at the Anula Bree's place and the craft itself assembled at the Barnard's at Tiwi.  Chris Marlow was the civil engineer who calculated just how many rows of beer cans in height were needed, once he'd taken into account  the number of Palmie players and their weight for water displacement - and he nailed it to the millimetre!

The Beer Can Regatta was in its infancy and the events were quite seriously contested.  The Palmie beer can craft was brought to Mindil Beach on the Saturday to be inspected by the Beer Can Regatta officials.  Because of possible skullduggery, volunteers were called upon to sleep the night by the craft's side to ensure its safety from jealous rival contestants.

The girls' team included Sonya Bree, Helen Hansen, Vicki Burns, Celia Barnard and others.

By the end of the boys' team's  race, the craft had been sitting in the sea for a while.  All that careful sealing of the beer can openings was beginning to become unstuck, literally...

From its very beginnings, the Palmie Club has always been willing to take on a challenge!!