Bootsie Books
Email from Mike James, author of the Bootsie Books series
Greetings fellow rugby fans,

I just wanted to make your younger rugby players and their parents aware of a series of eight rugby books available if they aren't already.  
Bootsie Books are a series of fictional children's books about a young boy 'Bootsie' who is as passionate about rugby union as anyone can get.  The reader will laugh out loud with the adventures of our hero Bootsie and will also be learning many things about the game of rugby. 
There are many more adventures to go through with Bootsie as each book is another year in his life, there are eight books in the series. All books suit the 6-12 year old age group, although I've had plenty of adults tell me how much they enjoyed the books as well.
If there is any way you can assist in letting your junior players and their parents aware of the books it would be greatly appreciated.
I have attached a flyer that you might be able to distribute or print off and place it on a wall in your clubrooms.  For further information about the story behind the books please visit
Warmest regards and yours in rugby,
Mike James.