In the Spotlight - Dennis Bree

When did you start playing rugby? 
At 10 at St James Christian Brothers school in Brisbane although we changed to League after my first year I think and it wasn't until year 11 at St Joseph's Gregory Terrace in Brisbane that I played Union again.

Started playing for Palmerston?
At the beginning - 1976 I think.

Enjoy about playing rugby? 
What's there not to enjoy about running into people and drinking beer with your "other family" afterwards.

Goal for this season? 
To survive to the grand final.

Proudest rugby achievements?
I've loved the game but never been that good, so off the field as President of NTRU for 10 years and Director of ARU for 4 has probably been the highlights.
Favourite rugby player/s?
Front rowers.
Favourite rugby team?
Palmerston by a country mile.
Any words of wisdom for the young players?
Just enjoy every minute.
Oh! and I have found out there is a joy and value in training but it came to me a bit late. 
Anything else to add?
There is no reason to stop while you have your health - use it or loose it.